Video creation: it’s not all the same…

There’s no doubt that video has become the number one way for businesses to promote themselves today. Whether an advert on the telly (by the bigger companies, perhaps), or promotional clips that streaming services and companies such as YouTube force us to watch before we get to what we’re actually trying to access, the popularity of visual content continues to spiral.

Then consider all the ‘live’ videos that business owners upload via, for example, Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram.

In 2020, there’s likely to be few businesses left who still don’t understand the value of video marketing. That’s for them to worry about, as they’ll eventually be left behind.

But not all video content is created equally.

Which is fine. In a video marketing strategy, we’d suggest creating different kinds of visual content. For instance, live/streamed video is effective during events, or when you’re looking to inject a little bit of your personality into your business by showing some of your day-to-day - or for inconsequential occurrences, such as announcing the winner of a giveaway (there’s no point employing professional video for that, unless you’re giving away a million pounds and a Ferrari).

When you’re looking to professionally present your business to potential clients, however, live video recorded from a smartphone just won’t cut it. It’s the equivalent of scribbling down your name and address with a crayon and giving it to a new contact as your business card: it may look fun, it may carry the appropriate information, but it’s something a five-year-old could do.

When presenting your business, you want to give the impression you’re capable, learned and experienced (and not someone who would use a crayon to write their credentials on a scrap of paper). Promotional businesses need the full works: professional equipment, a quiet setting, and a talented video editor. The effect will be that your business will look slick, glossy and proficient. A company any client would put their trust in. A solvent outfit, which won’t go bust overnight. A company that cares about how they come across (and who will therefore be more likely to care about their clients).

Video explains in seconds what the written word would need pages to do. It’s the perfect medium for demonstrations. It meets the attention spans of today’s consumers…moving pictures draw the eye on any screen.

Novus Marketing Solutions are experts in the field of video marketing. With our green screen studio, we can literally put people and products anywhere in the world. With our state-of-the-art cameras and lighting and our in-house make-up artist, we can turn any business owner into a TV star. And, as experienced content creators and storytellers, we can ensure your message hits the spot and – more importantly - has your customers reacting.

No one nails a recording on a first attempt (unless you really are a TV star!), and that’s when our expert editors come into their own. They’ll obliterate any mistake; they’ll know when to enhance something and how to enhance it, and they’ll keep the running time of the video to whatever’s been agreed.

Image is everything in business. Which would you rather present to potential clients: a business that doesn’t care about its customers, a company that looks like it’s been thrown together, a shop/office that’s seen better days…or a business that considers and attends to its clients’ every need, a company that’s capable and successful, and polished premises that customers will find enticing?

Phew. That’s a tough one.

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Video killed the radio star. Don’t let it kill off your potential leads, too. Go pro.

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