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The real marketing paradox

As an award-winning marketing agency, we can help our clients rise from relative obscurity to superstar status in their chosen markets. We typically work with small businesses or start-ups, who can’t afford to employ their own marketing guru. Businesses where the owner may be the chief cook and bottle-washer; or, where there are employees, there’s little time to think of marketing or strategy as everyone is forced to simply react or fire-fight their way through the day.

When does this hamster wheel ever stop? Typically, when the business receives funding/apportions a budget that allows them a marketing spend, that brings in more business and, in turn, more revenue, which enables them to grow and recruit further staff in specialised roles, creating structure and expansion In those first few days, however, most businesses try and do everything themselves to keep costs down, but limited time and skills only perpetuates the fire-fighting cycle. For Novus Marketing Solutions, it’s not difficult to find aspiring businesses that understand the importance of marketing in order to achieve growth. Our clients are more than happy to pay us to do their marketing. But herein lies another problem… Expectations and realism. New clients love to pass on the gauntlet that is their marketing…one less thing to worry about. Well, no, that’s not how it works. You wouldn’t chuck a fledgling bird out of the nest without knowing it had enough strength and resources to fly, would you? Appointing us is one thing, feeding us is another. We can’t create magic from nothing (despite what our potential clients may hope). We can do so, so much, but we’re not in your business like you are. We need to be told what’s you’re planning, where you’ve been, who you’re working with, your future events, of new products; we need to be at your premises filming on a regular basis or be fed regular imagery to help words flourish. Then the magic happens. We can do your marketing for you…to an extent. We can carry out the necessary mechanics, add sparkle, bring the camera into your world, put you under the noses of your potential customers, but we need to work with you as well as for you. If you believe that any agency you engage means that will be the last time you’ll be involved with your marketing, think again. We get that you’re busy; heck, we even know the thought that’s running through your mind…“If I had time to gather all this content, I wouldn’t need you!” But is that right? Have you got the appropriate skills, knowledge, our experience? Are you up to date with the latest technology, tools and trends? Do you understand what different markets want to see…hear…experience? Are you adept at curating different forms of content for different audiences? And if not, wouldn’t that require even more of your precious time to find all this out?! We do save our clients time. We also make them money. But only when we’re a team, pooling all our resources and skills towards the end goal. If you have no time whatsoever to market your business, unfortunately, you’ll never get off the hamster wheel, it’s as simple as that. We bring accountability, and we also shoulder a lot of your marketing burden, but don’t think that we don’t need you, because we do. You are your business. We’re marketing you. If you want to realise growth and further success, you must prioritise your marketing – even when working with an agency like ours.

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