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Lights, camera…and action!

As a marketing agency that places particular emphasis on the value of video promotion for our clients’ businesses, Novus regularly finds itself in front of clients, wielding a camera in their face.

This may not be a surprise to you, but most people dislike being on film. When you’re tasked with recording them as they walk a potential customer through the buying process, or as they show a virtual audience around their premises, you need the business-owner to relax and just be themselves.

Clients believe they must be ultra-professional when we press record. Though we do like them to have an inkling about what they’re going to say on screen, the last thing their potential client wants to watch is someone who’s as stiff as a board.

There’s so much competition nowadays in every sector. Whilst products/services can be copied and prices can always go lower, one thing that can’t be copied is YOU. Think about it: what’s the one thing that’s unique about your business? The owner…

So, though you may feel like dissolving into the floor when we turn up with our cameras, try your best to be yourself. Prepare beforehand the topics you wish to stick to, but not by writing out a speech – just have an idea of where your chat may lead, if only to stay on track and to stop you waffling about the price of fish.

Video is set to become the best medium for business promotion during the next few years, so whilst being filmed may seem like an alien concept now, it will soon be as normal as penning a Tweet or Facebook post. We’ll all be presenters, influences, personalities…as this will eventually be the only way we can differentiate ourselves against our competitors.

The best thing about video is that it can be edited. It can even be deleted and wiped from our files if you believe what we capture is that horrific. So, unless you recklessly decide to film live, no harm will come from just relaxing into the moment and chatting to our videographers as you would a friend in Starbucks. The very best thing that will happen is that you come across on screen as naturally as you do off-screen, so that people can really see what you and your business are about, and how passionate you are about making a difference to your customers’ lives.

It won’t feel rehearsed, wooden or fake; it will just be wholesome and warm and reflect real life.

Our video packages are unique. Effortlessly affordable, every business should be able to factor video into their marketing mix. Start now and just think, by the time your competitors catch up, you could be the face of your industry.


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