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We want to see podcasters, not just hear them!

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In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, podcasting has emerged as a popular medium for connecting with audiences. However, a new trend is on the rise: podcast hosts are increasingly choosing to film their shows, adding a visual component to their audio content.

The rise of visual podcasting

Traditionally, podcasts have been an audio-only medium, relying solely on the power of words and voice to engage listeners. However, as technology has advanced and video content has become more prevalent, there has been a recent shift towards incorporating visuals into podcasts. The main driver behind this trend is the desire to establish a deeper connection with the audience.

Why people want to see podcast hosts

Visual podcasts provide a more personal and intimate experience for the audience. 93% of our communication with others is non-verbal; by adding a visual element, hosts are able to showcase their personalities, emotions, and body language, allowing viewers to form a stronger bond with them. Seeing the podcast host creates a sense of familiarity, which makes the content feel more relatable and authentic.

Visuals also enhance storytelling. Podcast hosts can subsequently use props, facial expressions, and gestures to complement their narratives, making their storytelling experience more engaging and immersive. By witnessing the host's reactions and expressions firsthand, viewers become more invested in the conversation.

High-profile visual podcasts

Numerous high-profile podcasts have embraced the trend of filming their shows, leveraging the power of visuals to captivate and expand their audience. One notable example is The Joe Rogan Experience. Known for its long-form conversations with diverse guests, the show gained immense popularity by uploading its episodes on YouTube. The video format not only attracted millions of viewers but also enabled the host, Joe Rogan, to establish a strong visual presence, complementing his unique interviewing style.

Another successful visual podcast is The H3 Podcast by Ethan and Hila Klein. By filming their conversations, the hosts transformed their podcast into a visually rich experience, incorporating humorous edits, reactions, and visual gags. This added dimension has helped them amass a dedicated following and establish a distinct brand identity.

Why aim for one audience and market share when you can dominate two at the same time?!

The benefits for businesses launching visual podcasts

Businesses can leverage the rising popularity of visual podcasts to enhance their branding and reach wider audiences. Here are some key reasons why launching a visual podcast could be a strategic move for your brand:

Enhanced brand personality

Visual podcasts allow businesses to showcase the personalities of their hosts or team members. By sharing their expertise, stories, and insights, companies can build trust, credibility, and a personal connection with their target audience.

Increased engagement

Visual content has a higher potential for engagement compared to audio-only formats. Incorporating visuals into podcasts can capture attention, retain viewers, and stimulate social media sharing. This leads to increased brand exposure and awareness.

Multi-channel distribution

Visual podcasts can be shared across multiple platforms, including YouTube, social media, and websites. This expands the reach of the content, attracting diverse audiences and increasing the chances of discovery by potential customers.

Sponsorship/monetisation opportunities

Visual podcasts offer additional revenue streams through sponsored content, advertising, and merchandise sales. The inclusion of visuals can attract potential advertisers and sponsors looking to align their brands with engaging video content.

Versatile content repurposing

Visual podcast episodes can be repurposed into shorter video clips, quotes, or highlight reels for promotional purposes. This enables businesses to create diverse and engaging content that can be shared across various digital platforms.

To conclude, as the podcasting landscape evolves, incorporating visuals into the medium has become a growing trend. The desire to establish stronger connections with audiences and offer a more immersive experience has fuelled the rise of visual podcasts.

For businesses, launching a visual podcast presents an opportunity to enhance their brand presence, engage with audiences on a deeper level, and expand their reach. By tapping into the power of visuals, businesses can establish a distinct brand personality, increase engagement, and unlock monetization opportunities. As the podcasting industry continues to evolve, visual podcasts are poised to become an essential tool for marketers looking to make a lasting impact in the digital landscape.

We film professional speaker Luke Staton’s weekly Nowhere to Somewhere podcast at our studios in Doncaster. The uptake in his bookings since we have begun doing this has been astonishing. Luke is an engaging character that makes him good to watch, as well as inspirational to listen to.

If you’d like to launch a podcast or discuss the promotion of you/your brand on film, contact us on 01302 578282, or fill out our contact form.


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