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The Next Incarnation of Podcasts

There’s been a mahoosive rise in the popularity of podcasts. Numerous self-publishing podcast platforms have allowed everyone and their dog to say their piece, whether this is a one-off broadcast or a weekly/monthly series.

The pandemic played its part in the rise of podcasting. Whether creating a podcast for their business or pleasure, the number of people creating such content shot through the roof during lockdowns, as they were restricted in the other ways they may reach an audience. Personal contact was banned, and podcasts proved an easy, affordable alternative—the biggest investment content creators had to make was just the investment of their time. This was something people had in buckets if they were furloughed.

Fast forward a couple of years and the desire to broadcast our thoughts and opinions looks to have only increased. And, as some podcasts have become more popular, their creators have felt their smartphone and kitchen table don’t do their content justice, which is probably why we’ve seen unprecedented demand for our podcast studio.

We created a tailored podcast room within the office Novus previously occupied. After kitting it out, Covid struck—it’s easy to understand why the service didn’t get off the ground. However, since moving to our new office, with its dedicated podcast studio housing top-of-the range equipment, we’ve had many people pop in to record their musings. Even the CEO of FatFace is booked in to use our podcast facilities.

And now, we believe the next dimension of podcasts has arrived. According to a survey by Morning Consult, almost half of all podcast listeners want to see video accompanying the episodes they love. The reason given is to see the hosts’ and guests’ facial expressions and body language, rather than simply listening to various embodied voices. This may be why YouTube remains the most popular platform for podcasting content.

Luckily, we have all the filming equipment you could need to visually record your podcasts as you create them. We can set the cameras and lighting up then leave you to it, if you’re someone who feels under scrutiny when there’s anyone other than you (and perhaps a guest) in the room. Whatever works for you.

The number of people globally who listen to podcasts is around 464 million. There are podcasts covering every subject under the sun. Some that attract fans of a certain film, TV programme, celebrity, etc. draw incredible audiences. Social media underpins this, which is, after all, what it’s meant to do…encourage conversation, connect people, share content.

In the UK, almost a quarter of us listen to podcasts. One of the best attributes of this form of media is that you can consume it whilst you do other things. You can drive and listen, cook and listen, shower and listen, work and listen. Few other types of media compare in this respect.

The number of podcast listeners rises year on year, so, if you haven’t thought about incorporating one into your marketing mix and communication tools, maybe it’s time to do so, before you’re the only company standing who doesn’t.

Contact Connor on 01302 578282 for more details and the availability of our podcast suite and video services.


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