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One of the things small businesses desperately need


Small Businesses Desperately need accountability

What constantly amazes us at Novus, is that entrepreneurs and small business owners are more than happy to attend seminars, workshops and training courses that cover the tasks they should be carrying out to help their businesses grow.

During said workshops, these business owners will be inspired and motivated to follow through with all the plans they’ve made that day. They’ll leave full of creativity and have plenty of ideas about what they’re going to do.

For the next week—maybe even the next month—they’ll stick to those plans, then their enthusiasm will begin to wane. Maybe they start to see some reactions to their efforts, and as business gets a little busier, all their promotional plans and good marketing intentions fall by the wayside or plummet to the bottom of their list of priorities.

This is one of the reasons small businesses experience such highs and lows, such feast and famine.

Consistency is key, and to achieve consistency, most entrepreneurs need to be held accountable. It’s not that they want to see their creativity and enthusiasm diminish, they just become so busy that, when they do sit down to create some promotional posts or marketing content, they can’t focus. They can’t see the wood for the trees.

Novus has just launched a new service to combat this common problem.

Monthly sessions with our social media manager, Cait Hall. Book a session with Cait to form a content plan, then spend a couple of hours with her once a month, on a rolling basis, to ensure you are consistently writing and creating effective content throughout the year.

Having the headspace to concentrate on getting your whole month’s content written is incredibly valuable. As is having a sounding board who can help, support and guide you towards creating effective, evocative and professional-sounding messages your target audience will respond to. Someone who will hold you accountable. Those few hours a month is all the time you’ll need to set aside—the rest of the month you can (literally) go about your business, safe in the knowledge that your marketing is in the bag for a fraction of the cost you’d pay an agency and with your own unique voice inherent in everything you post.

We knew these sessions would be popular with frustrated business owners, but even we’ve been surprised at the rate of take up. As soon as one session ends, clients are block-booking the next six months out of their diaries, to take advantage of this simple but effective support.

Social media bamboozles plenty of entrepreneurs, particularly those who don’t enjoy creating content. Cait can produce your posts for you, should this be preferred; the monthly sessions will still prove helpful for both parties to frame and hone content, whomever physically creates it.

There are some small businesses yet to get into the content creation game. If they can survive without a digital presence, that’s fine…but look at what happened in the pandemic when everything moved online. It’s wise to cover all bases—even if you can only do so much and spare only a little time for content. It will still have an effect.

If you’d like to book some time with Cait, contact her on or call 07983 575934.


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