Why should I create a podcast for my business?

Do you want more business? Would you like to engage potential buyers of the product or service you sell? Would you like to be more easily recognised than your biggest rivals?

More importantly: would you like to connect with people when they have the time and the focus to really listen to what you have to say?

That last one’s a biggie. There are so many images and voices clamouring for our attention it makes the world a very noisy place. If you believe that your business, using traditional methods, can cut through the commotion, you may be in for a shock.

How do you concentrate on something? What’s the first thing you do? Block out everything else? You may enjoy pure silence, or you may put on a little background music (at a level that will encourage rather than interrupt your thoughts).

In 2020, our world is so frantic, we actively look for ways to escape it. We zone out by watching films or television; we become embroiled in our imaginations through fiction; we take up mindful pursuits, such as yoga or Tai Chi; or we change our surroundings, e.g. hibernating away from the world in a log cabin.

Podcasts have become another way to escape from the world’s chatter. Whilst many of us listen to podcasts for entertainment value, there are as many tuning into podcasts to access information…and it’s this huge audience you need to be tapping into.

Lots of people listen to podcasts on their daily commute, in the bath, or when exercising, for example. In all these instances listeners are sitting ducks, with nothing standing in the way of the information you could impart.

Podcasts for businesses are an upcoming trend, one that your competitors may not yet be indulging in. They can be targeted, so that they appear under the noses of people actively looking for what you offer. They’re cost-effective to produce: you don’t need a huge amount of equipment or space. They can be edited; they don’t have to be live, which gives you all the opportunity you need to perfect your pitch.

They’re effective when it comes to engaging an audience – however, as with any marketing approach, it’s about educating prospective leads, not selling to them.

Email info@novusmarketingsolutions.com or complete the contact form on our website for more information regarding the hire of our podcast studio. At just £30 an hour, it’s un-believable value.

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