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Why a promotional video will attract new prospects in a way text can’t.

Before we get into this subject, we do realise the hypocrisy here: that we’re explaining why video beats text in the form of a blog. We do absolutely believe that statement; we’re just putting that message into words to hit everyone’s preferences as to how they like to absorb information.

The truth is, whilst blogs, articles and similar written content have their place in an informative world, they don’t have the same impact as a visual medium.

Our world gets faster and faster all the time. We’re permanently connected, we access information at any hour, and we’re (sadly) used to being bombarded by sales messages every waking moment.

This brings an array of challenges. 1) how to make your content stand out against so much ‘noise’; 2) how to make sure it’s visible across a variety of different platforms, and 3) how to keep your audience’s attention once you’ve caught it.

Hands up if you’re still reading…

By the law of averages, and if we’re lucky, this will likely be half the number of readers who devoured our headline. Lengthy blogs are read by people, especially if they’re on a specialist subject or they’re particularly rousing; most posts, however, find their readership slowly drops off halfway down the page as something else becomes more interesting.

Now consider video as a medium. Due to the practicalities and expense of video production; due to the fact it’s easier and more stimulating to get a message across visually, videos are the perfect medium for our attention spans today.

Businesses thrive on the know, like, trust ethos

There will always be a bigger or cheaper provider of what it is that you offer, so it’s extremely heartening that - however technological our world becomes - buyers buy from people they know. From people they like. From people they trust.

At Novus, we specialise in video production. If you’ve never worked with us before, you can only take what we’ve just said at face value. You can only assume that we’re as good at producing videos as we say.

However, if you were to watch one of the videos we’ve produced for our clients, you’d be able to judge whether we’re the experts. If we had said everything in this blog via video, you’d probably feel like you know us. You’d hopefully like what you see. And, given that you’d be watching one of our end products, you’d be able to truly trust that you’d be in good hands if you chose Novus to film a promotional video for you and your business.

Now, apply that analogy to your business. Imagine writing about what you offer. Compare this to talking about/demonstrating your products/services on screen. Which medium do you think would not just stimulate your audience more, but also help them to make that important ‘know, like, trust’ connection?

Congratulations if you’re still with us at this point - clearly, text is still a winner with some people. But if you’re looking to maximise your marketing, reaching ‘some’ people isn’t enough.


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