• Novus

The Human Element

Those in the business community that weren’t already online flocked there once lockdowns began. This means there’s an even bigger vacuum for your business to shout into, if you’ve not pinned down the fundamentals of your marketing. Even if you do have all your ducks in a row, there’s certainly a lot more competition in the digital world at this point in the pandemic.

As technology marches on and AI becomes a little smarter, more opportunities and techniques appear for marketers to incorporate. However, before you become blinded by the latest tech or the trendiest social media platform to join, don’t lose sight of the most important aspect of any marketing strategy.


How you talk to them, where you talk to them and when you talk to them are all secondary considerations.

That you talk to them at all is the most important thing to focus on.

Surely this is a given, you’re probably saying. Well, it’s not. The number of companies we see talking AT people in their promotional efforts is staggering.

Remember the human. Remember that humans have wants, needs and desires. Remember that they have problems that need solving, time that needs to be reclaimed, money to save, aspirations to chase, growth to enjoy. They have independent thoughts; they’re not just walking wallets.

Just as you may invest in new technologies, invest in psychologies. Learn about human behaviour. How has the pandemic altered customers’ beliefs? For example, the pandemic has seen some people become less materialistic. It has made them reassess what’s important to them and what they want from life—enough that they’ve changed jobs or moved home as a result. This is a seismic shift in terms of what customers want now—in terms of the products they buy, the services they demand and what they’d like from life.