How to create the perfect podcast for your business

Podcasts are a well-kept secret for businesses. Plenty of professionals listen to podcasts – on their commute, at home, when they’re at the gym, for example – but only a few consider utilising this tool to promote their own companies.

A podcast is an easy, affordable option that helps to build brand loyalty, and which puts you in front of new audiences.

We have our favourites:

  • Gary Vaynerchuk (The GaryVee Audio Experience) – Gary’s podcast is hugely motivating to us at Novus, given that he talks in-depth about current trends in marketing and strategic techniques

  • Jordan Belfort of The Wolf of Wall Street (The Wolf’s Den) – Jordan’s experiences give him a unique perspective on mistakes that can be made in business; which, if you know his story, you’d agree with. His podcast gives a lot of good advice and information that any business could apply, whether they’re flourishing or floundering

  • Chris and Rosie Ramsey (Sha**ed, Married and Annoyed) – The comedian and his wife discuss the complexities of married life and the impact having children has had on their relationship. Wonderful escapism, and a host of relatable content for many

  • My dad wrote a porno – Again, a podcast of pure pleasure and perversity, this is a ‘must-hear’. One man’s reading of the pornographic stories his 60 year-old father has written. How can that not be the funniest premise of all time?!

Now it’s your turn. There are hundreds of different podcasts out there, from one-offs to frequent episodes based around a particular theme or subject. Just as you’d walk into a bookshop and gravitate to titles and genres of interest to you, scout around the various podcast platforms for anything that may wet your whistle.

Promoting your brand

Whether you intend to provide humour, information or something else, listen to a few different podcasts and see what you like/don’t like. You don’t have to find a subject that’s never been covered before as the basis for your own podcast; the aim is to find a theme that befits your business and brand, then find a unique slant/angle/approach when discussing this subject.

As with any marketing, a good business podcast adds value. It informs, engages, influences. It’s not an advert; instead, establishing you as an expert on the subject of your choice.

For example: what do your clients need to know? What information/advice would help them, make their life easier? How would they use your product, when would they be in need of your service? How would it benefit them, i.e. what’s the end result they’re aiming for, and why do they need/want this?

Layer your advice and create separate episodes, don’t give up everything in the first podcast. Aim for long-form content that encourages brand loyalty and sees your audience return week in, week out.

It’s a good idea to plan out what you’re going to talk about and when, so that you’ve an idea how an episode is going to roll out before you hit ‘record’.

Where to record?

A professional podcast for a professional company needs more than just the mic on your phone. Novus Marketing Solutions has a dedicated podcast room with all the equipment you’ll need. You can hire it for just £25 for a full hour.

Your guests

You may not wish to feature guests on your podcast, but we think it would pay dividends to have the right people alongside you at the microphone every now and again. Who are the other major players in your industry? Who do you align with?

Crucially, who has a large audience of their own that you could access? Your guest is likely to share the link to your podcast with their clients and - as well as new, varied content - this is another benefit that comes from inviting someone onto your show.

Music, maestro, please!

You may wish to play music on your podcast. We don’t mean you should turn it into the Top 40, but perhaps a musical intro and outro would help make your podcast seem more polished. However, don’t use any old track or jingle, as you may find yourself in hot water under copyright laws. There are plenty of sites that offer royalty-free music that you can safely use; just read the relevant terms and conditions before incorporating a track.

Live, or not live? That is the question…

Some podcasts are published as they’re recorded, with all their pauses, coughs and outtakes. Most are edited, however (which is something we can help you with, too). Editing certainly helps podcasts sound more professional.

Now what?

Once you’ve recorded your podcast and edited it accordingly, you need to share it. There are plenty of podcast platforms out there to upload it to.

Add it to your website and link to it on social media. Get in-front of as many ears as possible!

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