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We’re sure we don’t need to tell any small business this. We have no doubt that, over the last week or so, you’ll have thought of every way possible to remain trading whilst still adhering to society’s social distancing measures.

Just imagine this same pandemic without the internet and technology. In fact, don’t…it’s too upsetting. At least technology has allowed families that have been forced to separate to see each other via a screen. It has allowed many people to keep their jobs and work from home. It has seen some businesses continue to trade, even though they’re primarily a bricks-and-mortar company.

That’s what this post is about. In times of trouble, the most successful entrepreneurs are those who adapt to problems and find alternative ways to sell to their customers. This is what the internet can do; it can turn most businesses into e-commerce kings.

Of course, there’s a caveat to that. Not every product or service is affordable or seen as necessary in the times we’re living through. On the flipside, not everyone has been wiped out financially. And what may be a frivolous purchase to one person could be essential to the next.

Another reason why you may think e-commerce isn’t for you at this time is the cost of turning your site into a selling portal - particularly if your business has seen a huge downturn in contracts and opportunities. We’ve lost work that has been planned and agreed, so we understand how you’re feeling. We know cash is tight and you’re no doubt doing everything you can to stay afloat and pay your staff, should the latter be applicable.

We’ve approached this problem two-fold. You would normally pay thousands for a bespoke e-commerce site, but using templates means we can bring the price down substantially. Secondly, you can spread the cost of an e-commerce site over the coming year: £50 upfront as a deposit, then 12 payments of £50 and the site is yours. Don’t worry, during this time, you will have access to your site to add products and make changes – we’ll even train you on how to use it.

Set up an e-commerce site for your customers to book deliveries - particularly useful for restaurants who have turned into takeaways or farm shops looking to get products to the elderly and vulnerable. Technology gives us so many options, which we’ve made affordable.

Even before the Coronavirus, every business should have been online. However, for many small businesses, their websites are little more than digital brochures. Make the internet work for you and turn your site into a much-needed, interactive and helpful tool for your business.

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