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Web Design

Tailored Websites designed and created, by an award-winning team of people that know how important it is for you to diversify your income and get results


What we do for you

  • Easy to maintain interface

  • SEO driven and Non SEO driven sites

  • Communication every step of the way

  • Various payment options available

  • E-commerce sites

  • Restaurant sites

  • Takeaway sites

  • Event sites

  • Custom contact form

  • Built in blogs, and many more features...

Professional Website

The first thing potential customers do when discovering you is visit your website. They will judge the products you sell or the help you offer on the design of your site, how easy it is to navigate, and the information it provides.

As the vast majority of businesses are now online, competition is fierce. It's not enough to have a 'nice' site and hope visitors will come. 

Your site needs to be intuitive, welcoming, practical as well as beautiful. Novus Marketing Solutions use Wix to provide cost-effective, high calibre websites that offer an array of features and tools to attract people to your site.

How we do it

We help you to consider your customers' needs, with regards to your site's design. What will they want to see when they click through to your website? What questions will they have? Which features would make your life - and theirs - easier?

We spend time with you before any design work is started, creating a website brief and determining the new sitemap. We listen to what you can tell us about your customers, your products/services, the experience you wish your visitors to have on your site, and what you'd like them to do once they've gleaned what they need from its pages.

Once your web design is complete, we show you how to run your site and how to update any aspect or add further products. It's not in our interest to lock you in to endless contracts or hold your site hostage.


Your site. Your design. Your satisfaction guaranteed.

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