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Website Concept

Video Masking

Video-centric site with Video mask abilities. Greate for CVs, Events, High End Business Organisations

Heavy use of video and video masks makes this website highly visual. Great for businesses with a lot of video content and conferencing. It can be modified to fit any website style if need be. Includes a database for online menus. Online ordering, eCommerce, and Bookings are all available with this layout. 

This site can have all of these additions added to it.

  • eComm

  • Events

  • Bookings

  • Hotel Bookings

  • Menus

  • Additional Pages

  • Databases

  • Blog

  • Online Ordering (food)

  • Gallery

Get in touch with us today to enquire about what we can do for you by using either the contact form (link below) or our contact telephone number 01302578282

Video Masking
Video Masking
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