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Let's Save, Website and Video filming

Let's save is an organisation run by Wendy Ward that helps charities and Not-for-profits find their footing. She needed help reaching out with her brand so charities in need could find her expertise.

  • Web

designed a new website 

Video embeds for information

Blog Updates

  • Graphics

Logo Design

  • Video and Audio Work

Podcast interviews

Informative video recordings 


What we did

Wendy's previous website was due to be taken down within a week and she needed a new one quickly. We were able to provide her with a brand new website in record time while sticking to the brand identity Wendy had created for herself.

Using EditorX animations, a ranged colour palette and SVG files for optimal loading times; a fun yet professional website was designed to help 'Let's Save' stand out in it's popular market. Graphically, a new logo design was created alongside this.

In addition to the website, we provided a professional photoshoot so Wendy could connect with her brand further and have more content to use. Video recordings were also taken of Wendy talking about her funding research and bid writing so that they could be embedded on her website for easy 24 hour information access for her clients.

Click to see full leaflet

Click to see full leaflet

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