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Electricals Online, Full start-up

Full creation suite for a new start-up business.

  • Web

Possible 24hr contact


Links to products

CSV Files for fast uploads

Connection to payment gateway and external

Blog Updates

  • Graphics

Including Branding Guidelines

Logo from scratch

Animated elements

Social Media Headers and Logos

Poster and leaflet design

  • Video Work

Creation of Adverts for internal and external use

‘Character’ creation

Social Teasers

  • Social Media

Continual Social Media presence

Duplication and sale of items on Social Media platforms

What we did

It could be easier to tell you about what we DIDNT do for this client. This project was a complete Business Start-Up that utilised every aspect of our business to get off the ground.

We started with the initial graphics work, creating the branding guidelines and colours that were going to be used for this company. After approval from our client we then began to make templates for future graphics and advertising, including social media headers, other logos and initial website work.

The website was built with the idea that it would be expanded upon and developed over a period of 12months once the initial site was live. This was to take advantage of any possible trends that would crop up while the customer experienced the home page. Making it easier to navigate to wanted products. A ‘style sheet’ was also created which the client uses to add additional products too, allowing us to take what we need for the websites CSV and Shipstation CSV files. Making sure any new products added to the page have all the correct information required and can be ‘batch’ loaded with minimal errors.

On the Social Media side a dedicated Facebook and Instagram page was created for the new company, with ties back to the website so any products loaded onto the site would also appear in the Facebook store. This means we can advertise them through both Facebook and Instagram with ties straight back to the website.

As part of this a considerable amount of time and budget has also been partitioned off for Google ads to promote the company within the electrical product field.

Click to see full leaflet

Click to see full leaflet

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