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Active Fusion

Active Fusion are a charity that helps children to develop a love for being active by unlocking potential and creating positive habits for life.

Graphics Mascot Design and Video of launch event for the mascot.

What we did

Active Fusion wanted us to create 3 mascots based on drawings that they had received from the children that have been on their program. Each mascot was to represent a different age group and the drawings from the children were from each age group. As these were designed for children the mascots needed to be approachable and friendly whilst still having a unique persona.

We then took elements from each of the children's drawing per age group to create a unique one-of-a-kind mascot for that age group. The mascots were also designed so that they could be used in animations with moveable limbs. We also opted to make the mascots neither masculine or feminine that way they could appeal to all. Active Fusion were happy with the designs that we had made for the 3 mascots and asked us to create an additional one which was a fusion of all 3 mascots. With this 4th mascot we wanted to get elements from each of the mascots involved without leaning too much towards one design, the result was a friendly and affable design.

The 4th mascot, Vip, was later turned into an actual mascot suit which Active Fusion asked us to come and film the launch event for.

Click to see full leaflet

Click to see full leaflet

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