Returns from marketing, are they tangible?

Business owners can be put off investing in their marketing because the results of their time and expense—in their eyes—can be difficult to see.

However, with today’s technology, not all outcomes from your marketing and promotional efforts will be invisible or simply envisaged. You can find plenty of tangible evidence that will show if your marketing is/isn’t working.

Website analytics

Successful leads can often be traced back to a visit to your website. Your analytics will also be able to tell you where that lead came from, i.e. what caught the prospect’s imagination on your website and/or which link elsewhere on the web brought them to you. This information is incredibly useful…after all, wouldn’t you wish to do more of the same?

If you offer a product, sales data can be gleaned from your website that could tell you the location of your buyer and the time of day they bought from you. The latter is interesting; for instance, if you know that the majority of sales come in the evening when people are scrolling through their phone in front of the telly, you could synch your marketing efforts and advertising to match this time slot and catch even more sales.

Visibility and word of mouth

Maybe you’ve gone to a networking event and a complete stranger has said something like, ‘Oh, you’re Joe Bloggs! I read your article on HR practices, very useful.’ Tangible visibility. It can take five to seven ‘touches’, i.e. times you’re seen by a prospect, before they may like, know and trust you enough to contact or buy from you—if you have something they want/need, of course. If people recognise you/your branding when you’re out and about, they’ve definitely noticed you…which is one of those ‘touches’ nailed.

Even if the person that’s noticed you isn’t in your target audience, they can still recommend you to people who do want what you offer. Visibility is a precious commodity.

Social media insights

On social media you will be able to access your insights. These will show you the amount of engagements, impressions, shares and comments your content has received, which are all physical, tangible reactions from the general public.

Email trackers

Today’s email campaigns have their own trackers and analytical tools. You will be able to see exactly who has opened your message and who hasn’t. You may also be able to see if recipients read all the message or just a portion, depending on your program. Tangible tracking of your communications.

SEO results

Some of your marketing efforts may involve SEO. It’s easy to see the results of such campaigns via your placement in the search listings for certain keywords.

Even if you outsource this aspect of your marketing, ask the provider to show evidence that what they’re doing on your behalf is working. Maybe you outlined specific KPIs at the outset of your relationship.

If, however, they can prove that they managed to get all eyes on you/your product, and yet you still saw few sales, there may be something that needs tweaking about your promotional messages, your price point, or even the product itself.

SEO is an element of marketing that a lot of business owners shy away from, seeing it as a mysterious science. It’s actually quite a simple transaction: content is created that contains the right information for Google to list it higher up in their rankings. Keywords, metadata and a host of other SEO tools are written into this content that the search engines recognise and reward. Whilst the actual act of SEO is something for the experts, results should be easy enough to demonstrate.

The SEO proviso…

One of our clients was blown away with the number of leads we generated when we began working with them on their visibility and SEO. Their phone, apparently, never stopped ringing. After a few months, however, they began to feel results were waning. They believed that SEO would bring the same amount of new leads each month (if not more), which isn’t necessarily the case. If you’re in the top spot on Google for your keyword and location, how do you beat this? As much as SEO generates leads, it also needs nurturing and maintenance to keep your business at a high level. Just like the accelerator of a car, once you take your foot off the pedal, you’re going to go slow down and eventually stop – and that’s what a lot of businesses fail to understand about SEO.

It’s true that not all results from marketing initiatives will be tangible. It’s also true that not every single aspect of a marketing strategy will work effortlessly. Sometimes, a strategy may need refining or tweaking based on the analytical data, sometimes trends change and what may have worked previously no longer has an effect on your audience…there really could be a whole host of reasons why some marketing efforts don’t hit the spot. On balance, the positive results, responses and reactions—both tangible and intangible—from your marketing will far outweigh any mediocre campaigns. And any effort is still better than no effort at all, particularly given the amount of competition across all sectors today.

What are your thoughts on marketing? Is it something you believe in and champion? Do you find it easy to see the benefits? Contact us here

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