Organic SEO vs. keywords that have been shoe-horned in…

SEO is not a straightforward science, for many reasons—the main one being that Google et al change their ranking criteria many times a year. Just as you may master one SEO approach, the search engines commonly change their framework—and companies that may have once ranked highly may find themselves further down the list of results in the fallout.

The art of SEO doesn’t change too much, i.e. it always focuses on keywords and phrases. For example, someone types a certain word or phrase into the search box when looking for something on the internet; if your website or blog article uses these same words, you should, in theory, see your site/content move further up the pile.

Of course, that’s an easy way to define SEO—it has many more factors, variations and considerations than this. Engaging SEO experts is one way to top the rankings, though this may not seem an affordable solution* to many small and medium-sized companies.

Let’s deal with the basics. If you want your website to be seen on page one of Google’s results for a specific search term, e.g. Hairdressers in Leeds, you need to have those words on your website somewhere – how else is Google supposed to find you? These words can be within your website content/description; however, as search engines like fresh content, it’s also a good idea to regularly include new blogs and articles on your website and other people’s (in the form of guest posts) that also carry these keywords.

Where does this practice stop, though? For instance, you must have seen keyword-heavy articles/blogs that are primed for SEO, but which are practically unreadable as an article. It’s like us simply uttering the words ‘Videographer Doncaster’ with no context or reasoning for the utterance of those words.

So, like…Videographer Doncaster.

Videographer Doncaster. And…

The Videographer Doncaster.

Videographer Doncaster. Camels…

This is practically how SEO companies write articles, shoving the odd filler word in.

Organic SEO would explain what a videographer in Doncaster may do, the services a videographer in Doncaster could offer, the clients a particular videographer in Doncaster may work with, and the benefits to your business that a videographer in Doncaster may bring.

See the difference? The term ‘videographer in Doncaster’ has been used the same amount of times, but in a sentence that’s coherent. If these sentence was expanded to include the information it hints at, you’d have an informative, interesting article that would appeal to someone looking for a videographer in Doncaster.

Not only is organic SEO more attractive to search engines, it’s also more attractive to your potential customers. If you clicked on a marketing agency’s website/blog and all it said was ‘videographer Doncaster’ over and over, would that excite you? Would it make you rush to contact them for their videographer services?

It’s a bit like lovemaking: the technical aspect of SEO is the actual act, the leg-over bit. Organic SEO provides the seduction…the candles, the low lighting, the soft music in the background. It provides a much better experience for all involved.

Isn’t that what businesses should be aiming for? Giving visitors to their website a great experience rather than turning them off? Shouldn’t businesses be trying to educate, help and tempt potential customers with their content?

To be fair, key-word heavy SEO does what it says on the tin, most of the time. It cuts corners, provides a shortcut on a purely technical basis. It achieves the necessary results behind the scenes, more or less. However, it’s expensive to arrange and boring to read. Though it may get traffic to your site, keyword-heavy (but Double Dutch) content provides nothing further. Nothing to make your visitors act.

If you, as a business owner, believe in your product/service, it won’t be too difficult for you to talk about it. And, to talk about something, you’ve got to mention it. Any mention, in an article that contains organic SEO, will be through the course of natural conversation. You’ll be hitting two targets at the same time: the keywords necessary for SEO, and informative, evocative content that wills your readers to contact you…to engage…to buy.

*it is an affordable option, if you engage the services of Novus Marketing Solutions

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