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Converting site visitors into paying customers…

It’s becoming a huge battle to be noticed amongst the many companies that exist online, the number of which that has increased exponentially since the pandemic began. The work involved with getting people to click through to your website is significant enough, but what then? How do you move them along from being someone that’s casually checking out your site to an actual, bona fide customer?

You may feel this is out of your control, i.e. pushing people from thinking about you to doing something about their thoughts and adding products to their basket or inviting them to phone you with an order or enquiries. To some extent, it is out of your control, as we’re beings with independent thought and actions.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t be influenced.

Subtle tricks and techniques can ramp up the probability that the people coming to your site will turn into customers that give you their money.

So, what are these tricks?

Paying for an online purchase with a credit card

Make sure your product is something they believe they want or need

How you describe and sell your products can be the difference between a potential customer with a passing interest in what you sell and someone who absolutely has to have it. This means leveraging demand, something covered in this article by ITK Magazine.

If you clearly sell the benefits of your item, and the impact it would have on potential buyers’ lives, then half the work is done.

Give them all the info they need…

…but not any extraneous details they don’t. Your website copy should be focused on benefits and outcomes as mentioned above. It should speak TO your customer, not AT them; it should not be a condensed history of the company or your life’s memoirs. Simply because, the reason someone makes a purchase has little do with you, it’s all about them.

Tell them what they need to know to make a buying decision, but not so much that you bore them silly and they lose interest.

Make it easy for them to buy

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many companies make it difficult for their customers to buy from them. From having a perpetually broken checkout/payment system, to insisting they order and pay over the phone, to not even mentioning how they can purchase your products, this crucial step is easily overlooked.