It’s nice to be recognised for the work you do; at Novus, we’re always being told by our clients how pleased they are with our work and the results we bring them.

It’s just as nice to be recognised by your peers. Some businesses might find it nerve-wracking to be measured against formal benchmarks and be directly compared to competition, but if you’re confident in your abilities, this shouldn’t be the case.

It’s not that client feedback isn’t great (it’s absolutely fantastic!), but recognition from professional bodies within the industry you work adds credence and underpins the quality of what you deliver.

Awards represent proof that we actually do know our stuff, that we deliver on the promises we make, that the quality of our service meets – and even exceeds – expectations. They’re tangible items we can show prospective clients, which say, “Don’t just take our word for it, that we’re the ‘Best SME Marketing Agency in the North of England’, it’s written on the bottom there, look!” Awards are a reflection that our expertise is bona fide, inherent, effective and verifiable.

Winning awards proves we’re on the right path, regarding the future of our company. From the launch of the business in our founder’s bedroom, the team has grown seven-fold within just a couple of years. Success is there to be built on. Just think what the next couple of years could achieve!

That’s enough trumpet-blowing. Another thing winning awards does, for our company at least, is give us yet another excuse to commend our team on their performances (awards such as ‘Distinction in Promotional and VR Video Production’, which we also won recently, recognise the excellence of our video specialists, for example).

Whether individual commendations or team acclaim, don’t underestimate the power awards can bring to your brand. With so much competition across all industries, businesses need to take advantage of every opportunity to validate their offering.

Ask any company: “Are you the best at what you do?” and we guarantee 100% of those businesses will say, “Yes, of course we are.”

But what if the prospective client then said, “Prove it.” How would you demonstrate your excellence?

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