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Novus Ascension Package

Novus Ascension Package from £1499

Consider your business to be like your home, we ensure the house is in good working order and is safe for us to inhabit, we fill it with the things we enjoy to turn it into a home and make it appealing to not only ourselves but to those who visit.

Imagine spending the time and money ensuring the house is safe just to then fill it with tatty furniture, broken appliances and stained flooring ruining all the initial effort you put into the house.

The whole point of marketing is to show off your business and make it enticing for your potential and current clients. 8 out of 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months of being in business, they all think they had solid foundations, they all thought everything was working yet so many people leave marketing until the last minute, and that’s assuming they do anything at all.

The whole point of the ascension package is to create the story of you and your business. By starting from the beginning you will create an audience that have bought into your business psychologically.

We work with you to create a visually stunning Wix website, we help you to create the perfect logo for your business as well as a flyer that makes your potential client look not only twice but also a third time.

80% of all global content online is predicted to be in the form of video by the end of 2019, this combined with the effectiveness of video to share the story of your business as well as to educate an audience with regards what you do and why you do it, is the reason we don’t create just one promotional video. We help you to create a series of videos that will showcase who you are and add credibility to your business. People buy from people, so it only makes sense that you help as many people as possible get to know you and that is where the power of social media comes in.

There are over 1.7 billion people on Facebook, where else can you go to have access to that many customers? That is why it is crucial that your Facebook Business page is set up correctly. Not only do you have access to your customers but your customers have access to you and you need to stand out from the crowd, we will help you to create an animation that will catch the eye of anyone looking on your page, and explain to them all about who you are and what you do.

So we have now created the platform in which to showcase your credibility and grow an audience, from this you are then able to direct them to your fantastic new website. All that is left is for you to convert them which is where your e-mails will come in.

Not everyone will be in the market to buy your product straight away, in some cases it could take 6 months, so you need to make sure you consistently at the front of their mind. That is where e-mail marketing comes in, by doing a monthly added value e-mail, you will make sure you are front of mind for your potential customers as soon as they are ready to buy. We will help you get off to a fantastic start by creating the first email for you.

Because of GDPR you need to make sure all the information you have on anyone is both safe and secure, so we will help you to set up a CRM system that will enable you to keep everyone’s data stored in one place which is not only easily accessible but it’s safe. As well as this we will put your business on the map through Google my Business.

If you don’t know what you need to do next in terms of your marketing, don’t worry as you will spend half a day with our Strategic Marketing Consultant Brett Riley-Tomlinson, who will sit with you and talk you through the next few steps in terms of your marketing, and what you need to do to keep growing.

With the price point of £1499 we know this package will give you the awareness and credibility that your business deserves.

We look forward to helping your business grow,

Kind regards,

The Novus Marketing Solutions Team.


  • Promotional video

  • 4 basic videos filmed and edited,

  • (Specialised if required) Wix-website with your own domain name,

  • Set up Facebook Business page,

  • Animated cover video for Facebook,

  • Set up Hubspot CRM system,

  • Set up Google My Business,

  • Set up Mailchimp,

  • First e-mail marketing campaign

  • Logo design,

  • Flyer design,

  • Half a day consultation with Brett Riley-Tomlinson.