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Experts. Are they necessary? What about when it comes to writing content…we all know how to write, don’t we?

Some people are good at cricket, some people can craft masterpieces from wood. Though most people will be capable of playing cricket and carving sculptures, the fact is, only a small percentage will excel at either task. We learn to write at school but using words effectively as a tool rather than simply banging them down on screen or paper takes skill and training.

Good design makes people feel a certain way. But evocative, appropriate, persuasive wording can make people think, act, and most importantly…buy. A good writer can tailor their words perfectly to meet the required audience, tone and desired outcome.

Whatever you need words for – a website, brochure, flyer, grant/tender, award application, case study, blogs, articles, newsletter, mailshot – Novus will provide the right ones.

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