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D & G Motors was a website build that needed one set of information to be able to be spread across at least 3 different pages without the information having to be repeated and repeated.

The initial website concept was to build on an old site D & G previously had. The site itself was designed for people to look at what was available to purchase, but not to sell online. Rather to have customers enquire about the vehicles.

It also needed to be able to showcase ‘Car of the week’ which would be a car that would feature prominently on the home page.

All of this would need to be easy to add and remove without too much time and without too much computing power as the backend would need to be run from a laptop on site.

To be able to add information into one place while having it show on multiple pages we created a database that would contain all of the relevant information needed to display the vehicle. Taking a note of what was displayed from his old website we constructed the database to house the following information in separate sections, allowing us to be able to manipulate what is seen on different pages using repeaters.

The database contained separate columns for the following

  • Name

  • Year

  • Cost

  • Milage

  • Type

  • Fuel Type

  • Engine size

  • Gearbox

  • Exterior Colour

  • Interior colour

  • Doors

  • Main photograph

  • Additional Photographs

  • Paragraph section to tell you about the car.

This made adding additional cars and removing sold ones very easy to do for the customer without additional costs of having an ‘extra’ adding and removing from a complicated website.

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