Visitors to websites spend 2.6 times longer on pages if there’s a video to watch. Consumers, when surveyed, confirm that video is the most helpful way to learn about a product. 55% of people watch a video every single day, and video consumption via mobile phones rises by 100% year on year. If you’re not using video within your strategy for marketing and promotion, you’re as behind the times as mullets and blue eyeshadow.


Starting from as little as £25

Video and Podcast Room Hire

We realise not everyone has their own production team following them round every day, filming their every move, (which is good, because that would be overkill). Small and medium-sized businesses need to plan a video strategy – so that you make best use of your time and so that you target the right audience with the right message. Once you have this, you just need lights, a camera, and a studio…


Luckily, Novus Marketing Solutions, based in Doncaster, have all the space and equipment you’ll need to produce the perfect video. You can ‘dry hire’ the space and just see to yourself for £30 an hour, or Novus can be there to film you, for £40 an hour. If you arrive armed with a plan, consider how much of a very low-cost, practical-yet-effective option that’s hard to ignore. Our video editing services are £30 an hour, just in case something doesn’t go to plan.


Video is not ‘the future’. It’s here, now. When it’s this easy and affordable, why wouldn’t you use video?


  • Hire our equipment for 30mins of podcast or voice recording.

    30 min


  • Hire our equipment for 30mins of pod cast or voice recording.

    30 min


  • Hire our equipment for 1 hours of 4k videoing

    1 hr


  • Hire our equipment and Assistance for 1 hours of 4k videoing

    1 hr


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